Wednesday 4th December: I joined Jim’s group where everyone was working together on the enormous polar bear which had to be completely filled with scrunched up white tissue paper to give the effect of fur. Everyone was working well together so the polar bear was completed a lot quicker than I had expected! It was great fun and the other animal that was also a part of the Winter land themed event was the amazing blue eyed husky which took a lot of effort but looked absolutely fantastic!!


Week 2: Day Two!!

Tuesday 3rd December: I came in at 9 30 and I was able to start working on my own piece of art work with the help of Jim which was based on a Japanese anime that I really liked. Jim helped me spray paint the background to give me the effect of a beautiful sunset sky with bright oranges and yellows. I managed to cut out the stencil without making any drastic mistakes, which I was really happy with for my first stencil!!

Week 2: Day One!!!

Monday 2nd December: It’s already the beginning of the new moth and it reminds me of just how short my stay at Soft Touch actually is. Today I had to come in at 9 which was early but I had the Unveiling project at Eyres Monsell with Sally and Liam and that was at 9 30. We were preparing a display that I thought was really nice especially for the elderly people who visited the place often. I ended up being Liam’s helper and I managed to get to use a drill for the first time while we were putting up the boxes that made up the display. We worked on the boxes for hours trying to get the placing exactly right and the display turned out to be really pretty in the end!!

Day Five!!!!

Friday 29th November: On Friday I got to come in at 12 which was AWESOME!!! I then started to work on the sewing machine to finish working on the little elves hats that turned out adorably cute. I managed to finish the stitching in around 2 hours so I got to go home early because I had already worked some extra evening sessions!! It was the end of the first week before I knew it but I was looking forward to my 2nd week working at Soft Touch Arts!

Day Four!!!

Thursday 28th November: I came in at 10 30 today because I had been working late yesterday so I came a bit later. I started by working on the blog and adjusting it slightly and I then had another look at the Youtube Channel. I then did some work on the sewing machine making cute little elves hats for the upcoming Christmas event. This for me was the first time I had used a sewing machine so this too was a new experience for me which I soon got used to and I became more confident in. Sally helped showed me how to thread the sewing machine and with some help from Nathan I managed to actually make a hat that someone could actually wear!! I then went down to go to the session that Jim had on that night which was really nice because I got the chance to take part in sticking tissue paper onto a huge polar bear for the North Pole display which looked amazing!

Day three!!!

Wednesday 27th November: I am already halfway through the first week and it still feels like I just got here. Everyone at Soft Touch Arts has been there to help me in times of need especially on this day. This was the day when I first started working on my blog with advice from Nick, Vince and Sally to start recording what I do everyday. I went to the new building on New Walk around 3-ish to work on the heritage project with Sally. I met up with a long lost friend from my primary school that I had not seen for 5 years which was great because it was so unexpected! After that I went to an event at a hotel in town. I went there to film interviews for the award event for young people in care. I was working as part of the filming crew with Tom and Kane and I was holding the big microphone to record the sound. It was really fun and a new experience for me because I would usually never get the chance to learn how to operate the equipment or be able to use it myself!!

Day Two!!!!

On Tuesday 26th November I came into work at 10 again which was great and I started working on the Youtube Channel by changing the layout a bit and the channel art. I then went to New College with Jim to work on some stencils for a school project. I really enjoyed getting the chance to work with equipment that I would not have had the chance to work with before. I learnt how to cut out the stencils (with some help from both Jim and the students) to create the outline of the portraits and how to use these to create stencils for the skin tones. The task turned out to be easier than it looked-it looked really hard, after getting some practice. This inspired me to create a stencil of my own to help contribute to my Art GCSE!!